experts in their own field have been invited to speak in this 3-day design summit on september 13-15 at the yakal hall of the ic3 pavilion.




In the physical and virtual spaces there are new developments that can be implemented to make livable cities, promote societal well being, and better user experience.

Many movements around the world are challenging how things are designed and processes are done to not just promote a better tomorrow, but also create meaning for us and even “spark joy”.

Cebu Design Week presents Meaningful Redesign on Sept. 13, 2019, at the IC3 Convention Center, Cebu City.



Edgar Sabidong


Jul Oliva


Carlo Cordaro

Jim Fuentebella square.jpg

Jim Fuentabella

Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Max's Group, Jim Fuentabella oversees marketing and strategic brand initiatives to ensure delightful experiences for the customers of all the Max's Group brands. He heads the development and execution of store concepts in cooperation with the Company’s Design & Engineering team. Mr. Fuentebella also creates business opportunities by building strong networks and developing initiatives with key partners.

Debbie Palao.jpg

Debbie Palao

Furniture Designer Debbie Palao is passionate about doing something new which is very much evident in her creations penetrating across the world.

Kenneth Cobonpue Photo.jpg

Kenneth Cobonpue

Multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer, Kenneth Cobonpue takes pride in his creative hands, innovating unique pieces across the globe.

Bryan Yap Photo.jpg

Bryan Yap

Disrupting the digital marketing scene of Cebu is CEO of Republiq Group of Companies, Bryan Yap. He built a digital transformation group for more traditional businesses.


Raquel Choa


Elohim Tampus

Cheryl Villarino square.jpg

Cheryl Toting-Villarino



Govinda Trazo square.jpg

Govinda Trazo


With business as focus, we offer a platform or companies and individuals to demonstrate the “zero to one” business economy and explain how they created something from nothing.

We explore how technology and new funding sources affect the design business and how designers can take advantage of them.

Join us as Cebu Design Week presents Connecting the Dots on September 14, 2019 at the IC3 Convention Center, Cebu City.


A.letterhead square.jpg

David Nugent

Frederic Joye Photo.JPG

Frederic Joye

Startup Investor Frederic Joye believes that technology has a broad role in our lives and that change should start with the lives of the entrepreneurs and businesses who build software products. He had helped many startups get their ideas become a reality by building strong software teams around projects.

Joel Santos square.jpeg

Joel Santos

Joel co-founded Thames International School, the country’s first British-based college program in 1999. The undergraduate and post graduate programs of Thames focus on Entrepreneurship, Technology and Creative Industries.

Anya Lim Photo.jpg

Anya Lim

Anya Lim is the Managing Director of ANTHILL, a social and cultural enterprise working to preserve and promote Philippine handloomed fabrics through a sustainable ecosystem model.

Cattski Espina Photo.jpg

Cattski Espina

Cattski is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and founder of independent record label 22 Tango Records and Music Publishing. Her record label currently hones 14 in-house talents with about 200 songs in its music catalogue.


Climate Change, extinction, and poverty are among the most pressing global problems. But these are problems where the creative industry has also been making strides.

An example is the growing movement on environmental and sustainable design that does not only cover the design but also the people who make them.

Cebu Design Week 2019 presents Conscious Creating on Sept. 15, 2019 at the IC3 Convention Center, Cebu City.


Joy Onozawa Photo.jpeg

Joy Onozawa

APEC member, Architect and Environment Planner Joy Onozawa is often dubbed as “Green Architect,” anchoring more on the betterment of the environment through her quality of work.

Bryan McClelland Photo.jpeg

Bryan McClelland

President & CEO at Bamb Ecological Technology Inc. Bryan Benitez McClelland is a Filipino-American environmental consultant, ecotourism developer and social entrepeneur.

Dave Albao Photo.jpg

Dave Albao

Executive Director of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc. (PRRCFI), Dave is passionate about experiential learning and facilitation of systems and design thinking, especially in innovating grassroots campaigns and collaborations for regenerative development.

Jeannie Javelosa Photo.jpg

Jeannie Javelosa

Empowered woman, Jeannie Javelosa is a proud advocate of culture, gender, and sustainability who runs Great Women & ECHOstore as a social entrepreneur.

Royal Pineda.jpg

Royal Pineda

As Principal Architect+CEO at BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design, Royal is disciplined to envision and create Total Design that the company is known for.


Amb. Harald Fries of the Swedish Embassy of the Phils.

Dan Mejia square.png

Dan Mejia of H&M

Head of Communications and Press H&M Hennes & Mauritz Inc.

Georg Platzer square.jpg

Georg Platzer of IKEA

Market Development Manager


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