Collaborations Exhibit

Cebu Design Week celebrates how diverse Cebuano talent and artistry is. In CDW, a collaboration happens when two creative industries collaborate and work together towards an output with a story. Some of the collaborations that the CDW Collabs Committee coordinated with over the past months are the following:


Twenty Cebuano artists have turned ordinary dinnerware into works of art. Their work will be on display at the Cebu Design Week (CDW) 2019 on Sept. 13 to 15 at IC3 Convention Center. The collaboration is an offshoot of CDW’s efforts to connect business organizations with artists. 

In support of CDW, PEBA Tandem and PEBA Trading gave 20 sets of dinnerware to 20 artists to work on. Byron Gonzalez of PEBA said that he saw the CDW’s call as an opportunity to find a way to spruce up their products. He said that PEBA will choose which designs can be further developed. The CDW Collaborations Committee aims to not just connect creative industries but also to give opportunities to young artists and help them cultivate relationships with companies and establishments.


FASHION SCHOOL UPCYCLES MATERIALS (Castilex x FIDA x Jamaica x Vasacrafts)

The Fashion Institute of Design and Arts (FIDA) is a design school in Cebu that boasts of young talent and creative minds. Their students will make a collection of garments made entirely out of scrap furniture materials in their collaboration with Castilex Corp., Jamaica Markets Corp, and Vasacrafts. With their new line of clothing, they will culminate this collaboration with a fashion show in IC3.

 Although scrap furniture materials is not the easiest material to work with, this collaboration will test how infinite the possibilities are when it comes to design, creativity, and imagination.



A group of women has found a way to make something useful out of promotional materials made of tarpaulin. Promotional banners and streamers made of tarpaulin posed a challenge to the National Clean Up Day Coalition Philippines (NCUDCP). There was no proper way to dispose of used promotional tarps. Enrique San Juan, executive director and co-convenor of NCDCP, wanted to hit two birds with one stone: He proposed to convert used tarps into something useful and provide an alternative livelihood for women who were willing to take on the job. He found two partners: Terra Enterprise, a group of women who sew, and Parkmall. 

The women of Terra Enterprise made bags, purses and pouches out of used tarps and Parkmall provided a venue inside the mall for the marketing of the upcycled items. The women of Terra Enterprise and NCDCP are working with three designers of the Cebu Design Week (CDW) 2019- -Cyril Labao, Cherry Gonzales and Issa Cacnio--to turn the upcycled tarps into works of art. The collaborative work will be on display at the CDW at the IC3 Convention Center on Sept. 13 to 15.NCDCP is a civic-led grassroots movement to promote proper handling and disposal of solid wastes, particularly plastics.



The Selma family know the ins and outs of the furniture industry because their brand has not just survived but it has also evolved with today’s changing times. To survive in a competitive yet creative environment, brands have to adapt without losing its creative identity.

Years and years in a creative industry like this will mean nothing if the brand is not passed on to next generations. Moises Selma collaborated with his grandchild, Xandro Romualdez, to create a table and chair that combines modern and classic styles. This collaboration between the two generations of Selma clearly depict how important it is to nurture the creativity gene for the future generations.

Don’t forget to check out the final output of the special edition table and chair made by the Selmas in the IC3 Pavillion from September 13 to 15, 2019!



The Fashion  Institute of Design and Arts (FIDA) proves that the only limit of a design is your imagination with their collaboration with Havaianas. Havaianas is a popular footwear brand that started in Brazil, and found its way to the tropical island of Cebu. 

Havaianas have teamed up with the FIDA to make an art installation dress out of Havaianas slippers. A collaboration like this proves how versatile art and design is because it shows how unlikely items can take a creative step towards dress-making.

Watch out for this fun addition to the Collaboration Exhibit in Cebu Design Week in IC3 from September 13 to 15, 2019!



Who would have thought that an export furniture manufacturer and a team of Anime enthusiasts would work together?

No one did and these two entities want to prove to everyone that they can collaborate to come up with something that is creative and relevant.

The Anime, Role-Playing Games, Comics, and Hobbies Convention (ARCHcon) organizing committee is the team behind the premier event for enthusiasts alike in Cebu and the Visayas. ARCHcon will be working with Cebu’s prime furniture brands, Mehitabel, to create a 24-piece medieval-themed cosplay couture line out of scrap furniture materials.

The Collaborations Exhibit in IC3 will give you sneak peek of this cosplay couture from September 13 to 15 so stay tuned to all 24 pieces in a fashion show at the main event in Cebu Design Week.



Lean Reboja has made quite a name for himself in the Cebuano art scene as a visual artist and graphic design. He has exhibited in galleries in Cebu and Manila, but he wanted to his characters on other mediums. When he shared his idea of having his characters come to life through animation, it took a while to find an animator who was willing to put into the big screen. 

The CDW Collaborations Committee found Carl Valencia, a young animator based in Cebu. After a few text exchanges, Lean Reboja and Carl Valencia were set to collaborate on a short animation video on Lean’s surreal characters.

Cebu has amazing talent hiding in every nook and cranny, and Cebu Design Week is the best place to discover new things. Catch this awesome collaboration on repeat in the IC3 Pavilion from September 13 to 15, 2019!


A COLLABORATION FOR THE STARS (Bernice Montenegro x Uratex)

Bernice Montenegro has worked on a few collaborations this year, but nothing is as stellar as the ottoman she designed with Uratex for Kenneth Cobonpue’s Star Wars Pop-up Café.



Bags are something that fit any occasion, may you be a working girl on the go or a fancy lady in need of a clutch to carry her essentials. Earthwork is known to be a jewelry line that inspires creativity in everyday life. In their collaboration with Bernice Montenegro, they expand their brand to bags made especially for Cebu Design Week using discarded natural materials such as close cane and Z mat with wooden and coconut beads.


LARGER THAN LIFE PAINTINGS AS SIGNAGES (UP Cebu x Le Vernici x Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc.)

In this collaboration with the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation,Inc. or CFIF and Le Vernici Italia, Inc. Paint, first year students of the University of the Philippines Cebu Fine Arts Department used the CDW signage as their canvas to depict the CDW slogan of “Connect, Create and Cultivate “ . This signage greets every visitor as they enter the IC3 Convention Center, setting the tone for this creative event.


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