Cebu Design Week is a week-long celebration of the capabilities , creativity and innovation of several industries in Cebu. Envisioned to enhance Cebu’s position as the number one tourist destination in the country, the Cebu Design Week is designed to attract foreign and local tourists, guests and investors into Cebu through the showcase of the creative economies that has put Cebu in the world map.


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Cebu Design Week aspires to position Cebu as a destination for innovation and creativity. It encourages creatives to join this exciting launchpad to Connect, Create, and Cultivate




Cebu Design Week 2019 is a platform that will bring together the creative industries in Cebu and the neighboring regions in a week of collaboration, celebration, creation, entrepreneurship, and education. It will take place all over in different satellite events and establishments around Cebu on September 8-15 with the Main Events happening in VisMin’s biggest convention center, IC3 Pavilion (also known as IEC Convention Center) on September 13-15.

In the span of three days, CDW will gather thousands of event goers to support local talent and artistry. CDW has the following in store for CDW event goers.:

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Cebu Design Week wants to create an avenue for the different industries present in the Visayas to promote their products and services, build up their buyer and supplier database, and learn the market. This part of Cebu Design Week will focus on making creativity a business, enabling it to become sustainable. Large, medium, and small enterprises will be part pf the 3 day fair to be held at the IC3 Pavilion.

Cebu Design Week celebrates how diverse Cebuano talent and artistry is. In CDW, a collaboration happens when two creative industries collaborate and work together towards an output with a story.


Cebu Design Week aims to not just educate, but also inspire Filipinos from all creative industries. For the Design Summit, CDW has invited more than 20 well-known experts in relevant topics like urban planning, product design, virtual design, performance arts, online influencing, and sustainable practices.

The Design Summit will run for 3 days, from September 13 to 15, with varying theme for each: MEANINGFUL REDESIGN, CONNECTING THE DOTS, and CONSCIOUS CREATING.

CDW wants to highlight the local performing arts industry. We know that in South Korea, in the USA, and other countries, the performing arts industry is a major export. Many Filipinos consume these foreign goods and it is very unfortunate for our own performing arts industry to be relegated as baduy (unfashionable or uncool). By highlighting and providing a stage for our local artists, people will come to know and appreciate our own creative talents, thereby developing a strong and steady market for it.

  • blue mango awards

Cebu Design Week will give awards to participants and exhibitors with the best concepts for their exhibits, booths, art installations, and presentations.

  • creative festival

The Creative Festival will conclude the week-long celebration and will commemorate and promote the creative industries for becoming united in this cause and making CDW’s vision come to fruition.

design race: connecting cebu’s creative industries


Cebu Design Week (CDW) 2019 is about creative expression through cosplay, singing, visual arts, theater, writing, and all other ways in which people can discover Cebu’s dynamic culture.

CDW 2019 will have Affiliate Events. To track all these events, participants will each be given a passport and a map that will show a brief description of each activity. By obtaining the passport and the map, an individual gets to participant in the Design Race. Design race participants will get one stamp for every event they attended. The person who gets the most number of stamp or sticker will have the chance to win a trip for two to one of Asia’s City of Crafts and Folk Art: Chiang Mai, Thailand. There will also be plenty of CDW merchandise up for grabs during the CDW at IC3. The CDW passport and maps will be available at partner establishments. All one has to do to get them is to visit any affiliate establishment or attend an affiliate event.

The Design Race can be participated by people of all ages coming from all types of backgrounds.

affiliate events

Cebu Design Week has more in store beyond IC3: our affiliate events. These are independently organized events that will take place outside IC3 but are still recognized as part of Cebu Design Week.

Some of the affiliate events we have lined up is the Bamboo Buildathon in SM Seaside from September 6 to 8, 2019, Art Talk with mural artist Mark “Kidlat” Copino on September 11, 2019 at the Henry Hotel, and the Tropical Futures Forum on September 13, 2019 at The Company in IT Park, to name a few.


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